F A Q - Frequently Asked Questions

1)      Who are we (easyassignmenthelp.com)?

Answer: We are team of online professionals and subject experts present globally, countries don’t constrain our boundaries of help. Our special and innovative services include homework assistance, special assignment help, online academic assistance, project assistance, writing essay, report and term paper assistance, research paper analysis and writing. Through homework assistance and online help our team allows students to be free from all academic doubts and queries with hassle free immediate solutions.

2)      What is our teaching or research methodology?

Answer: Easy Assignment Help are emerging service providers and best online company for academic assistance because we excel in providing the best academic services to the students of all subjects and grades. We have specifically designed universal expert methodology that generally caters to the needs of all universities, and we have tested our methodology. We are virtually present to solve all the academic research problems within the click of a mouse. Our experts and professionals exchange emails and chats for swift solutions.

3)      Can you help me with any kind of academic work or assignment?

Answer: Our answer will be ‘Yes’. Our years of experience have taught us that there are no limitations to help when it comes to solving any academic question of query. Our team has a ‘Go’ attitude which allows them to answer most thrilling and challenging questions. So, we can literally help you with any subject or academic solution.

4)       Who are our subject experts?

Answer: Our most subject experts are professionals in their respective field. Right from their college days till their professional days, they have handled limitless queries, and that’s what makes them best as they are aware and intuitive about answering or solving all the academic questions.

5)       What is the importance of virtual tutoring or academic instruction?

Answer: Today we live in a fast changing technological world where everything is ‘technology’. Why not use our best resource that provides us with the fastest and efficient way of instruction. The virtual assistance also saves both the effort and time. Students can be in their pajamas while they learn.

6)      How can I find the best subject expert?

Answer: When we meet you for the first time, we collect relevant details that tell us about your needs for your subject and the tutor. Based on the evaluation of your needs, we assign best subject expert who knows how to help you in every possible way.

7. Do you help with homework?

Answer: Yes we certainly help with homework. We take all the important details from you related to your homework assignment. Then our subject expert contacts you to start the further process of completing your homework. All the assistance for homework assignments is monitored twice to avoid errors and any academic discrepancies.

8. How can I be confident about your service?

Answer: It is a very good question. We understand your apprehension. You have to trust us the first time, after which we assure that you won’t regret. You have to know that we have been where you are placed currently in academics. Therefore, we are rather more conscious about bringing the best results or grade in academics. Your academic victory allows us to rejoice with you, because we know that each step of victory matters to you at this point.

9. How much time does it take to complete an assignment?

Answer: If your tutor demands the assignment to be completed within set deadline, then we work hard to complete it way in advance, so that you are at ease, and relaxed about your submission. We also live an extra time ahead so that you can be benefitted from understanding your assignment.

10. When do I pay my fees?

Answer: We request all our students to pay fees before the start of an assignment. We are confident and follow ethical guidelines on refund policy as well. Therefore, you are not to lose either ways. Your first experience with us will bring you back over and over again!

11. What if I am not satisfied with my assignment?

Answer: Firstly, we have never had any cases where students have totally been dissatisfied with our assignments. However, if at all, you are not satisfied with the assignment, we try our best to solve your academic solution, and if nothing work, and then we definitely refund your money back without any grudge provided it is within the guidelines of the refund policy.

12. How do I check the status of my project work?

Answer: After you have placed an academic assignment order, then details will automatically reflect in your account. You will be provided with the log in information which will allow you to check the status of your project work. Alternatively, you can always chat with our representative at any time of the day or night.

13. How do I know your service is confidential?

Answer: We care about our students. It is a mutual understanding for us to keep all the personal details of the student confidential. We at no point of time share these details with anyone. We believe in maintaining the privacy without which our existence and help provision online is in vain.

14. How do I know Easyassignmenthelp.com is the best?

Answer: You will immediately assess our capability when you have your first encounter with our subject expert. We are confident about your academic enriching experience with us.

15. How many academic assignment or project work do you take in a day?

Answer: Since we have a huge team there is no limit to the project work we accept in a day. We work collaborated and united with the team members. Whether you have ten assignments or five, it does not matter, we will work coherently to manage and complete your academic assignment on time.

16. Do you provide online tutoring?

Answer: Yes we have panel of experts who are specifically assigned for online instruction for those students that require them. 

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