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The marketing assignments help experts have vast knowledge in marketing. They are adept with the 5c’s of marketing, 4 p’s of marketing, and the crucial process of understanding the management process in marketing. Our experts and scholars in marketing help students by imparting the crucial knowledge in marketing.

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The 5C’s of marketing

• Company
• Customers
• Collaborators or Stakeholders
• Competitors
• Climate
4 P’s of marketing

The 4 P’s are referred as the marketing mix. They are important elements to understand in marketing, and they are:

• Product
• Place
• Price
• Promotion

In the marketing management assignment help, our experts execute and review the analysis structure in marketing and make it easier for students to understand the marketing concepts. The 5 C’s in marketing refer to:

• Understanding customer segments, needs and the consumer behaviour
• Understanding the brand name, production capability, image, and financial strength of a company organization.
• Knowing that the market environment is interrelated, it is important to know our competitors
• Understanding that the downstream retailers or wholesalers and upstream suppliers are the collaborators
• Keeping an overview of politics, culture, social norms and regulations comes under context of the company organization.

Alternatively, the features of 4 P’s are as discussed:

• Understanding the Product by its quality, features, support, service, product line etc.
• Knowing the promotional activities such as sales force, advertising, coupons, brochures etc.
• Having the knowledge of listing discounts, price, deals for both channel and end user.
• Knowing the place and channel of distribution is again important

All these elements are a mix of marketing assignment help. In an overview, our renowned faculty concludes marketing to be the study of:

• Perceived relative benefit
• Preferences (perceived value)
• Differentiated or distinguished product features
• Perceived price
• Choice
• Advertising and framing

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