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Operating System is a subject within Information Technology. There are types of operating system that are learned at this course level. Batch Operating System is a sub-topic under ‘Operating System’. Batch Operating system is the study about appropriate system and data commands that are submitted as part of job carried by the computer operator. This job of computer operator is much more like punch cards as it is about learning the use of transfer control from one computer job to the other automatically. This operating system is said to have no interaction between the programs and the users. Batch Operating System is operated on first come first server basis.

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The other operating system that the student learns about in this course is the ‘Multi-programming operating system’. Student learns about the execution of multiple programs. Operating System processes multiple jobs that are stored in memory at one time. The third one is the ‘Time sharing operating system’. This system is about the execution of multiple jobs and their execution by switching between them. The execution of switching happens several times throughout the process. A detailed study on this helps students to understand the technique of sharing system using a ‘round-robin scheduling’ technique. Lastly, this course teaches about the ‘Real time Operating System’ and the ‘Distributed Operating System’. This operating system helps student to understand the use and applications of flight control, industrial control and real-time simulations. Distributed Operating System is about sharing computational resources through the operations of the distributed or divided computer system.

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